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Four easy step to support my music.

As an independent artist, fan supports is terribly important. Here’s what you can do to help me!

  1. Follow on social media and follow these easy steps!
  • Instagram algorithm is a WEEEEIRDO! Follow, Like, Comment, Save the post will be fundamental to my page growing!


2. STREAM the new single, add a heart and save it on your playlist. Super-easy step that will bring me a lot of joy (other than exposure!). Pleeeeeaz, Buy the song! I spent hours and money on it, I self-produced, written, recorded, arranged and I am selling it for 0.99 £.

3. Subscribe to my mailing list. NO SPAM, never, ever ever. I’ll send you an email only when I got something really important to share with you guys as MP3 downloads, new releases and free merchandise!

If you don’t like emails, I created a Telegram channel, click HERE to access.

4. Last one, make a donation if you can and want. As an independet artist, your support will help me get through and release more interesting content during a global time where art and music have been undefintely stopped. Be the supporter of a dream!

Support an independent artist!


3,00 £

Supporta un’artista indipendente!


2,00 €

Work with me!

As a singer-songwriter, I write songs for other artists as well as soundtracks for movies and ads.

Reach me out on SoundBetter for more or send me an email using the box below.

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P.S. Follow my blog. It is mainly in italian right now and it is creative writing 

Reiwa Pia is singer songwriter and producer, based in London.

Her immersive songwriting will guide you through love and urban stories, adventures and intimate experiences.

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